Titus Extra Strong Aromas Party Tray (24)

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Just when we thought the guys at Titus had found the ultimate solution in Titus Strong, they raise the bar again with Titus Extra Strong. Granted they won’t win the Turner prize for the original name, but boy does this aroma pack a punch. You can detect the increase in strength the minute you place the bottle in the corner of the room and allow the vapors to spread. The added strength and the compact size of Titus Extra Strong aroma make this the perfect solution to keep on you in public places where you feel the need to mask any unwanted smells or enhance any sexual chemistry in an instant. Titus Extra Strong is, without doubt, one of the strongest aromas on the market aimed at the hard-core aroma lover. Just the scent of it from across the room will be sure to get your heart racing and your blood pumping. 24 x Titus Extra Strong Aromas 10ml

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Titus Extra Strong Aromas Party Tray (24)
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