Elbow Grease H20 Hot Gel 8.5oz

We all know the old saying – when it comes to getting anything done, you can’t beat Elbow Grease! Elbow Grease is an oil based thick lube made based from mineral oil. It’s thick, creamy consistency makes it ideal for anal sex and fisting fun. Elbow Grease is known for its fabulous viscosity. It’s safe, long-lasting formula have made it a customer favourite at Clonezone. Its specifically designed to enhance your sensual sexual experience. Elbow Grease is oil based lubricant and as such should not be used with condoms. Simply pop off the lid, dip your fingers in and you’re ready to play! This special formula is thick, creamy, and long-lasting – so you can play to your heart’s content! Please note : This product is not suitable for use with condoms, and will cause them to degrade.
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Elbow Grease are the kings when it comes to big things – they know their way around thickness, and now that knowledge you can witness with their first water-based lube! Unlike the rest of their oil-based range it’s safe for use with condoms, though it retains that great Elbow Grease feel for a thick, water-based experience. This specially mixed Hot Gel uses small amounts of menthol for a hot, spicy tingle that stimulates both partners without becoming overpowering.
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